Bitcoiin Cloud Mining 

We are excited to announce we are opening DragonCloud Mining, the go-to cloud mining
platform for Bitcoiin Second Generation (B2G). As the main partner of B2G, Dragon Mining has
the highest hash rate share for Mining B2G (See source:
bitcoiin) and we are currently the sole provider for cloud mining services for B2G.

Why B2G? Now is the right time to buy B2G. Based on an independent analysis by Wallet
“According to present data Bitcoiin (B2G) and potentially its market environment has
been in a bullish cycle in the last 12 months. Our Ai cryptocurrency analyst implies that there
will be a positive trend in the future and the B2G might be good for investing for making money.
Since this virtual currency has a positive outlook we recommend it as a part in your portfolio
The platform uses smart technical analysis over a wide selection of digital coins. Among it’s
recommendation, B2G, predicting a huge price increase in its horizon. (See source: https://

Furthermore, there has been a massive decline in profitability of mining in most Proof-Of-Work
(POW) cryptocurrencies. Mining B2G is far more profitable than mining BTC as of today. Our
track record in the past few weeks has proven our popularity, obtaining the 3rd spot for the
most mined ETHash coin in the world, though we are now ranging from 4th to 5th place, it is
only a matter of time until B2G regains the top spots (See source: Coin Calculators https://

DragonCloud Mining Contracts has several packages you can choose from (see packages in
DragonCloud Mining). We are opening a promo package for as small as $100 - $250 which
yields 20 MH/s - 50 MH/s. These promo packages are set for a limited only. The standard
packages from Intro to Advance have an estimated yearly profit of 300% as of today. Whether
you are looking to mine or cloud mine B2G, here is an excellent website where you can work
out how much hashpower is needed for a certain return.
We are looking forward to your participation, for more information on the Cloud Mining
Contract, please check out our DragonCloud Mining tab or talk to our Support Agents.