B2G Partnership and February Announcements


Dragonmining is proud to announce, in partnership with B2G, we were able to influence and reboot B2G from as low as $1 cent to a high of $1.49 within a short period of time.

The result has justified our insurance program and our commitment to B2G in the midst of a challenging time for both B2G and Dragonmining.

Whilst we are pleased with the success of B2G, we continue to be committed to all our clients who had claimed their funds which were lost in the mining programs. 

With the success of B2G, we are now able to initiate faster returns for all clients. Our clients will be given two options going forward:

First, the current insurance program will continue until the end of February. Until this time, clients will still be able to include their initial deposit plus profits in their insurance claims. 

Second, the option from February onwards, will be that EVERY single client shall receive 100% of their initial deposit ONLY. This will be paid out in a 12-month period with ZERO PARTICIPATION FEE! 

As we have stated from Day 1 of this insurance program, if B2G is successfully stimulated we will be able to pay out our clients faster.

For further information contact us at claims@dragonmining.tech to be able to choose the appropriate plan for you.

In addition, B2G is currently the third most mined Ethash based coin in the world! Dragonmining will soon announce a cloud based mining program for clients to invest in, without the need of mining equipment. 

With regards to mining equipment, we will be updating our mining equipment and pricing. Further discounts are available if you use B2G to avail of the equipment.

We would like to thank the B2G and Dragonmining community for the continued support, even in the midst of very challenging times. As we have said from our initial announcement since we have taken over ownership of Dragonmining, we will prove ourselves through our actions and not our words.