The new owners and management at Dragon Mining understand that there is a certain degree of skepticism with relation to our Insurance roll out. Firstly, we would like to state that as new owners we had absolutely NO obligation to pay out anything which the previous owners and its platforms had left in debt. However, we have come up with a sustainable insurance plan which will, over time, have all the mining platform claimers paid out. 

The purpose behind our insurance plan was to support the massive reserves in B2G that we currently have and the equipment which is also purpose based so we can influence the price of B2G through our own initiatives as well as the help of our 50,000 strong Client base.

We also believe that a 2.5% participation fee which is placed in B2G and held in an ESCROW account is definitely not a SCAM! The purpose behind the participation fee being in B2G is not for us to earn from the fee BUT to stimulate the price of B2G which we at dragon mining hold the most reserves in the whole world. By stimulating the price, we are able to repay our client base much faster if we can liquidate our B2G to BTC at a faster rate! 

In a show of good faith, we are creating an insurance giveaway each week for the next 52 weeks. One client from our database will be randomly selected by our software to be paid out instantly!

We hope that our actions in the coming months and not our words will bring trust and faith back to Dragon Mining and its partners.