Profitability of B2G Mining


In the past few months, we have been seeing a massive decline in price and profitability of mining in most Proof-Of-Work (POW) crypto currencies in the industry. This has led to mining pools and facilities shutting down rampantly. But B2G proves to be different, we’re currently the only coin that still produces a profit for miners as calculated by 

B2G is a GPU mineable coin with Ethash algorithm. The profit calculation in Coin Calculators is based on 10 GTX 1080 GPUs. Mining B2G is far more profitable than BTC as of today. It has a speedy transaction speed of 15 seconds which is faster than the original BTC. It boasts to have a safer and secure blockchain technology. Most importantly, it gives an opportunity for individual users to mine and earn on income percentages as much as large mining pools. 

Part of the reason why the New Management of Dragon Mining took an interest on continuing the manufacturing of B2G machines is because of its profitability and scalability. We continue to be the no. 1 producers of B2G mining machines in the world. Dragon Mining continues to innovate and create faster, better and more efficient machines for our clients. 

We would like to thank our new partner, Coin Calculators for highlighting the profitability of B2G mining. For clients who are interested in purchasing our newly launched state-of-the-art product, Dragon Miner, feel free to reach out to us at