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Today, we are announcing a realignment of Dragon Mining. Where the Dragon Group has failed its employees, customers and shareholders to provide a sustainable and healthy corporate culture.

Crypto Mining Space Bought 10,000 Dragon Mining Rigs

Crypto Mining Space Bought 10,000 Dragon Mining Rigs18/04/2018

Early this morning Crypto Mining Space has placed a large order to Crypto Currency Hardware company Dragon Mining Tech. Dragon Mining will supply total 10,000 Dragon Mining Rigs (6,000 Dragon Mini, 2,000 Dragon Extreme and 2,000 Dragon Miner), These machines will be used to mine B2G (Bitcoiin2Gen), Ethereum, and Bitcoin Gold.


B2G ECOSYSTEM02/04/2018

Bitcoiin2Gen is transforming the cryptocurrency world by creating a self-sustaining digital ecosystem.

Dragon Mining Receives 5,000 Dragon Mini Order

Dragon Mining Receives 5,000 Dragon Mini Order 02/04/2018

Shenzen, China, Date April 02, 18: Dragon Mining Technology, a world-class cryptocurrency-mining hardware provider with expertise in engineering and manufacturing of mining ecosystems to mine B2G, today announced that it received 5,000 Dragon Mini order from BTC Trader Online, a cryptocurrency mining company.

Bitcoiin 2Gen ICO Launch

Bitcoiin 2Gen ICO Launch15/03/2018

The next generation of Bitcoin, Bitcoiin 2Gen. The inspiration of Bitcoiin 2Gen, is to make a superior or more advanced version of Original Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System, was published in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto.