Dragon Mining
Insurance Program

As part of our terms and conditions with mining programs who are connected to our Dragon Mining Pool, offering B2G and using our equipment, we have mandated an Insurance Policy for each Mining Platform.

Any client that has invested in these Mining Platforms (previously listed under our Mining Programs) has the right to claim either their initial deposit or their whole account balance at the specified Mining Platform.

Please fill-up the form found here and wait 5 working days to process their claims.

- Dragon Mining Team

"After hearing about Dragon Mining offering an Insurance Payout, we were relieved, and thankfully we started receiving payments from them..."

John S., Cal. USA

"We finally received some answers from Dragon Mining, after months in the dark, that they have a rescue package....our prayers were answered..."

Robert B. DC, USA

"Thanks to Dragon Mining, they did not abandon B2G and its Client potential..their insurance plan is effective and strategic, we started to receive our funds after we processed our Claim, I encourage all to do the same..."

Jamie O. Nevada,USA